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Many of our clients have switched away from their previous web hosting providers to ours because of issues with speed, performance and reliability problems.

Our Web Hosting Features

Your websites deployed onto a highly-optimised, stable and self-healing cloud server that’s built with 100% enterprise-grade SSD disks. All data is served from our UK datacentre in London, where we’ve heavily invested in our infrastructure to provide the best (and fastest) hosting experience for our customers.

  • Unlimited bandwidth & 100% SSD disks.
  • FREE data backups
  • FREE SSL certificate
  • FREE DDoS protection
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Optimised for WordPress

Domain Name And Hosting Help

If you are not able to access your website because you are no longer able to deal with your previous web design company or webdesigner – for whatever reason – there are a number of steps that we can take to help you get back on track.

My web designer registered my domain name in his own name

This is perhaps one of the most common problems we help with. Of course, as the business owner, the domain name should be in your name. We are usually able to negotiate a smooth transfer and can ensure your domain is cared for in a safe place with the correct registration details.

My hosting company is making it difficult to release my domain name

We know that transferring domains only takes minutes and a couple of clicks, but some of the biggest hosting companies make it really difficult to transfer your domain away from them. After all, they are going to be losing out on fees. We are fully aware of some of the extra hurdles that they put in the way of a transfer and are able to manage this on your behalf.

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