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We’re a web design company based on Sealand Road in Chester, specialising in building and maintaining stunning WordPress & Magento websites. Call our friendly team on 01244 566286 or send us a message for a free quotation.

Web Design

Choosing the right web design company can be hard. It’s our job to convince you that we’re the right choice, and through working with lots of clients during the past 20 years and seeing the results we’ve achieved for them, we’re sure we’ve got what it takes.

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Ecommerce Web Sites and Online Booking Systems

If you need an online booking system for your restaurant or an ecommerce website it is crucial you get it right. Your website has to be quick loading, trustworthy, simple to use and show off your products in the best possible light.

Ecommerce Booking Systems

Ecommerce Web Sites

Website Redesigns

Website Redesigns

Does your website make you cringe? Maybe you’re not getting enough traffic or you’re not converting visitors into customers and you don’t know why.

Whatever the reason, we can help.

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Website Management and Content Updates.

Our professional website management and content updates services make sure your website is always up to date, secure and working for your business. What’s more, we do this at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own in-house team.

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Website Management and Content Updates.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting.

We offer all of our clients fast, secure web hosting with excellent support. We are able to manage the smooth move of your existing website (depending on it’s condition), and we have plenty of experience of managing the move or rescue of domain names.

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Web Design Company Chester – Further Information About Roodee Creative

We’ve hand coded our websites from the outset, in good old-fashioned html. Our websites were missing a few things that pretty much all other websites had: pointless ‘splash’ pages, Flash animations and frames. Google and Roodee were in their infancies in 1999, but even back then we knew that it in order for a web site to be indexed it’s text content needed to be ‘seen’ by search engines and everything that hindered the spidering process needed to be stripped away.

Our favourite way of explaining the negative effect of using anything that gets in the way of Google’s indexing process, whether it was Flash, splash pages or frames from the early days or todays templated themes or the DIY ‘drag and drop’ web site builders with all of their bloated code is ‘it’s like trying to get Google to look through net curtains’.

Early adopters of WordPress

WordPress was a game changer on the web. In our market, we were one of the earliest adopters of it as a content management system and, recognising its potential and benefits, started coding our own themes immediately. Updating websites was not only more efficient and easier to do, but the performance versus standard html websites was definitely better. Now, the vast majority of websites globally and here in Chester, the centre of Roodee’s Universe, use it whether it’s for a brochure web design or a full e-commerce web site.

Why most of our clients are in Chester

We do have clients outside of Chester (Manchester, London, Dublin, Warrington, Italy, Bromborough, Southport), but we have a concentration of clients in and around our home city of Chester.

The reason we prefer working locally as opposed to across the country is we find that projects just work better and faster when we can meet face to face. There are lots of project milestones that need to be reached when building a website and a long string of emails is no substitute for being able to demonstrate, explain and work things through in person. This saves time and inevitably speeds up the production process.

A Pro-active relationship with all clients

Long after we’ve delivered a website, we look out for our clients and even former clients. We are always on the lookout for anything that might impact sites and give our clients a ‘heads up’ about compliance matters (GDPR, Cookie Law), security updates (php upgrades, https certificates) and performance improvements.

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