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Walk Through Videos

Panoramic still images were once very popular on websites, although in recent years their popularity has declined with the advent of fast loading and streaming video.

They were quite ‘clunky’ and involved the end user having to download software before being able to use the controls to take a look around a static (and often boring) image.

These days walk through videos and slider videos are becoming very popular, and they are able to show far more than old-fashioned panoramic images. In addition to a full pan shot – where the camera slowly spins round 360 degrees – we are able to use a slider track to add a feeling of depth to shots on any walk through video, whether it’s a shop floor, a property or an industrial location.

Of course another benefit of commissioning a panoramic or walk through video is that you are able to use narration or on screen text to help tell your story.

We have been commissioned to produce walk through videos for a wide range of clients including:

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