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Vox Pop Videos

Vox Pop Videos is an area we have years and years of experience in. We have been delivering vox pops, customer interviews and testimonials for a wide variety of clients across the UK since the 1990’s.

There is an art to getting the best material out of a member of the public, and it is something that we really enjoy doing. Our approach is to carefully select who would be best suited to talking on camera or into a microphone before we ‘roll the tape’. It’s our friendly, informal approach to our subjects that puts them at ease and enables us to qualify them.

Proportionally a vox pop video session yields a small amount of useable material in comparison to the amount that is recorded. This is usually due to our conversational style of interviewing. Instead of rigidly sticking to a list of questions, we do what all good interviewers do and we listen. Our following questions will be based on the answers we’ve previously been given. The result is always excellent, natural and friendly footage.

We have recorded vox pops in video and audio only form for many clients including:

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