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Product videos are ideal for demonstrating the benefits of your product, whether embedded into a website or viewed on DVD. We have years of experience of writing commercials for most of the high street big names, and we know how to ‘sell the sizzle’ when we help to write your storyboard and script.

Once the filming plan has been agreed we organise the shoot locations, and studio (if required) and take care of any casting, although quite often many of our clients and their employees prefer to be seen demonstrating the product themselves.

The filming is usually completed in a single day shoot, but we can arrange for longer if this is required.

The titles, voice over, music and graphics are added in when we complete the edit and the finished video is delivered in the format of your choice. We can insert the videos straight onto your website for you in html 5 form or as an embedded Youtube or Vimeo video. We can deliver the video on DVD, SD Card that play in a continuous loop for in-store or trade show use.

We have produced product videos for the following clients:

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