How your website can help you maintain your business through the Coronavirus outbreak

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The Coronavirus outbreak could potentially have wide-reaching implications for businesses that are set to continue for the foreseeable future. But by making best use of the technology available to us, we can keep many aspects running as normal.

Here at Roodee for example, all staff have switched to working from home, delivering our usual, high-quality service, seamlessly.

In this article, we will provide you with some tips on how you can support your customers and staff through this time by using your digital marketing tools and your website, effectively trading through Coronavirus.

Roodee Creative recommends the following four steps:

1. Put out a statement addressing the Coronavirus outbreak
Perhaps you have already been inundated with phone calls or messages asking whether you are still open for business. By putting out a general statement at the obvious information point – your website – and by ‘pushing out ‘social media updates that link back to it, you can let your customers it’s business as usual or that there are new ways they can still do business with you.

2. Organise your Email and Social Media updates
For some businesses, the services they provide and the way they provide them are likely to change rapidly over the upcoming weeks. In order to maintain your customers loyalty, it is important to keep them updated to any new changes or developments in your business. When contacting your customers, a professional email template that is in keeping with your brand is ideal. Getting this sorted before it’s needed is a good idea, in case you need to contact your customers urgently. Additionally, making plans for how best to keep customers updated over social media is a wise choice, especially with many customers likely to be using social media more heavily at this time.

3. Help your customers to keep in contact
At this time, it is more important than ever to make your customers aware of the various ways to contact your business. In particular, Facetime calls can be an ideal way to deliver that personal touch to customer service without putting your staff or your customers at risk. Alternatively, you may wish to steer customers away from certain contact methods and towards others. For example, shorter enquiries regarding opening hours and so on are usually best addressed by email rather than phone, freeing up your staff to handle more complicated telephone enquiries. Therefore, this is an ideal time to update the enquiry forms on your website and any messages sent to your customers.

4. Set up online payments
If your product or service can be paid for online, your customers will want to know about it! If your website does not already have an Ecommerce function, consider the various options offered by Paypal allowing payments to be processed from all major credit and debit cards. Adding a Paypal ‘Buy Now’ button to your website is quick and easy, and means your customers can easily make payments without the frustration of having to repeatedly fill in their personal details. Should you wish to remove this button from your website at any point and no longer take online payments, this can also be done easily.

Whatever it takes to keep you trading through the Coronavirus outbreak, we are ready to help you, so please call today on 01244 566286 or use our contact form.