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Filming Employees

Filming employees and interviewing staff on video is not always straight-forward.

Our experience in this field started in celebrity interviews where guests who have had the benefit of intense (and expensive) media training recite standard questions to interviewers.

From day one, our challenge was to get past the well-rehearsed answers and get some answers that were more interesting to the audience. Thankfully we have had the help of hundreds of interviewees to hone our skill. OK, it may be a name drop, but we got a cracking exclusive interview out of Elton John – and survived the tantrums to tell the tale today.

When we film employees and interview members of your team, we know that they most probably have not had media training or are as used to the lights and the lens as Joan Collins (there we go again) is, so we take a patient approach. We spend as much time and use as much tape as is necessary to get the material you need, whether you are going to be featuring it on your website or on your sales DVD.

We have recorded personnel video interviews for:

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