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Company Overview Videos

We produce magnificent company overview videos that can give a comprehensive overview of your organisation for use on your company website or on your sales DVD.

We will plan the storyboard and write a script prior to filming. This is usually carried out remotely after we have visited for a ‘recce’. We will work with you to gather all of the other materials we may need, which include diagrams, photos, footage from other locations, motion graphics or animations.

Typically a shoot for a company’s corporate video takes a day, but we are able to arrange for longer shoots when necessary. We are also able to travel to a number of different locations when it is necessary to capture footage with those who are unable to travel or to film plant or equipment that is located away from head office for operational reasons.

Once all of the footage and materials are ‘in the can’ we get down to editing. A voice over is added – we have our own in-house VO artist to keep costs down but we have access to a wide range of fellow professionals too. Finally music and titles are added as required.

The finished video is available either in its full length form, or we can provide a number of variants. For example, you might want to make just a small section available for the web, or you might want to give your sales team a version that shows a specific set of benefits.

Company Overview Videos

Has something changed in your business? If you already have an existing company overview video and are not able to get service from the production company that produced it for you, but you want to either have something edited out or something new added in, we may be able to help you. You are able to send us your existing video and we will be able to tell you what is possible, from a simple ‘cut’ to a complete reconstruction of the section you want to change.

We have produced company overview videos for:

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